by Ar_jan


Sovereign Academy - Ariowie, Poland.


Defense of man against enslavement by the Admiralty Maritime Law

The rule of law paradigm and the nation subject to the maritime law of admiralty

The research problem and at the same time the main goal of the book is to make natural people, women and men all over the world aware of when and how they were enslaved so that most of them do not realize it. Their birth certificates have been given a value in US dollars and are traded internationally on the New York Stock Exchange from the day they were issued and after their birth to the present day. The research attempted to prove this (for many) shocking thesis. The methods and addresses were analyzed, indicating how and where each person can check how much USD are currently worth the birth certificates issued to him and the names and surnames of his children. The research attempted to show the entire procedure from the dawn of civilization and law to the present day, all relevant circumstances were analyzed in order to answer the main, title research problem, the defense of man against enslavement by the Admiralty Maritime Law.

The aim of the study was also to indicate who and how became our owner, how it happened and how to reverse it, regaining freedom and sovereignty as an individual, family and nation. The basic research problem was the answer to the question:

How did it come about that maritime law originally relating to commercial matters on private ships moored in foreign ports for import / export purposes or on the seas and oceans was applied to living, natural people, declaring them dead or missing in distant seas.

I know it sounds absurd and yet it was and still is. These unbelievable sounding theses were the subject of factual research, and all available, credible sources found during the research were analyzed. Due to the shortage of compact literature on the issue in Polish, the research was based on foreign-language sources, mainly Anglo-Saxon, but not exclusively. The analysis of artifacts, diagnostic surveys with the participation of legal authorities, including a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States with many years of experience and lawyers with extensive scientific and practical achievements, as well as specialists in other areas, mainly capital and cash flows, but not exclusively, was used.

     Maritime law covers banking and commercial matters, not civil matters. Maritime law replaces civil law, but only applies to those who voluntarily agree to it. The author points to a common misconception that every rule and regulation by which people are subject is "law." However, there are many other types of law that people obey without knowing it does not apply to them. The aim of the study was to answer the question: how did this happen? After the US government filed for bankruptcy in 1933, it was revealed that the Federal Reserve System - the FED - had no stocks of gold, the equivalent of which was supposed to be traded paper dollars. The gold was replaced with the birth certificates of living people with the value of the product of the newborn's weight and the gold exchange rate. Currently, the value of a birth certificate is the profit that a person will earn in the future for the state during 40 years of their work. Birth certificates from many countries of the world are the subject of collateral - a pledge of loans taken by the governments of these countries. Birth certificates are considered securities and people are commodities - a thing and as such have identical attributes and are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

     Research has shown that since the 18th century, banks have been printing money out of thin air with no security at all. Research shows that the value of human labor is the only true and real value, therefore central banks use it to issue money in their countries and take out loans for its present and future value, multiplied by the size of the population. Hence, the birth certificates of Sovereigns are pledged against loans taken by personnel delegated by Sovereigns, without their knowledge and consent.






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